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Spatial Storyteller|Reality Bender|Experiential Raconteur|Adventure Designer|Dramatic Realist 

There are a few names you could give me, I suppose.
But there's no title for what I do.


When you're passionate about your purpose, you have to wear many hats. I'm a 20 year software engineer, artist, student of story and inventor. However, all of those things only support the cause of my true passion, which is bringing stories into the real world. I do that through an invention we, at Danger and Mayhem call, The Waypointer.
CEO & Co-Founder

Danger and Mayhem

In the beginning of 2019, Alyssa Claar and I started our own company called Danger and Mayhem. It is our goal to change the world through new forms of storytelling.

Our mission is to provide and encourage the growth of dreamers and their creations through creative, story-driven marketing,

technology, art, and classic storytelling while preserving and sharing the knowledge and experiences of veteran creators for future generations to come.

Director & Host Danger and Mayhem's

Curious World

Telling other peoples' stories is also a passion of mine. "Danger and Mayhem's Curious World" is a window into the spectacular world of themed entertainment that spotlights just a few of the world fantastic contributors to it.

This web series also showcases our works as we develop them and gives you a sneak peek at what is coming in the world of Danger and Mayhem.


The Waypointer

The Waypointer is an experiential story designer and logic engine that serves as the backbone for any real world adventure. It's designed to be the brains behind location based game, treasure hunt, story-driven theme park or any other interactive adventure you can think of.

Get ready to be told the greatest story of all.



Creative Works

I tend to pick up a digital brush every once in a while. Here's how I recharge and let off steam.

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At the heart of designing a real-world adventure is the Story Manager.

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The Haunting of Front Street

Find out about our proof of concept adventure that we have created down in Old Town Temecula, California.

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Wonderland Adventures

Introducing our first line of adventures using the Waypointer technology.

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The Waypointer

And the Winner Is.... Unity.

After experimenting and trying different platforms, Unity has proven to be exactly what I need. Here's why.

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