Danger Dean

Metaverse Engineer 

Let's build the Metaverse together.


Back in the 90's, the Internet was barely taking flight, yet there was already talk that one day, the whole world would come together in virtual worlds.
That time is here.

I'm a 27 year software engineer veteran, artist, student of story and dreamer that has dedicated his long career of unique skills to helping the Metaverse become a reality.

First, I Imagine Worlds

As a side passion, I've been studying story development and plot structures on a literary level for 30 years. Never realizing this skill would be crucial to creating a rich and thriving Metaverse one day, I've learned what makes a great story and how to tell that story in many different ways, whether through fiction writing, film or games.

Combining my skills in software development, I'm currently working on a Metaverse-friendly story engine that can generate stories on the fly, without ever repeating itself.

Digital Artist

Next, I Paint Those Worlds

To fully realize the Metaverse, it takes more than just being able to write stories or software.

I tend to pick up a digital brush every once in a while. When I do, I imagine far-off worlds and magical places.

Art is an amazing way to visualize a virtual world before you build it. Illustrating what the Metaverse could look like is another passion of mine.

See More of My Art...
Unity3D Developer

Then, I Build Those Worlds

I have over 4 years of Unity experience producing several applications ranging from a comic reader app to GPS location games.

Now I focus primarily on building worlds for Metaverse projects which include concepts like infinite terrains with procedural level generation, infinite galaxies with procedural planets to explore and more. These worlds can be explored through VR, mobile or desktop apps.

Software Engineer

Lastly, I Interface Those Worlds

Working as a professional software developer for 27 years, I'm now applying my skills toward blockchain development, AR and new Web3 compatible technologies that allow Metaverse applications to interface with the real world.

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